sabato 18 aprile 2009

Come back!'s more than a month without post.
I'd like to propose you some other works by Lyres.
These are some singles:

1) Lyres - 1st 7" (1979)

2) Lyres - here's a hear 12"

3) Lyres - How do you know Stacey 7"

4) Lyres - We sell soul Busy body 7"

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DefChef ha detto...

Thanks for the LYRES stuff...both the live shows and the 7"/12" vinyl...they definitely sound different live vs in studio (duh!) but for me the "classic" Lyres sound is on the first two LPs...the live sound on the shows below veers off too far into chaos/noise for me; obviously that's a big plus for some people, but I tend to prefer energy and unquantifible "soul" (which the Lyres sell, conveniently enough) to simply skidding off course into the wild world of feedback. But that's probably just cuz I'm uptight...

And: what's the date on the pic of Lyres with all the tools? Late 80s? I think all those guys are in the current incarnation of the band, right? Rick Coraccio (sp? he's the guy on the far R with the blow dried hair-a classic look he's still rockin' to this day) used to write an entertaining column for some Boston Rawk online thingy, but I don't think he's updated that for awhile...his recollection of the disasterous LA Shakedown show(s) is a fun read...I'd love to read his history of the Lyres, if he ever gets around to putting it down on paper and/or html...OK, to listen to these tracks!

Anonimo ha detto...

Thanks for these postings. Very Good Lyres...

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