lunedì 8 giugno 2009

More Flesh and more Tones...


Here I am again. I hope you've missed me :-)

Two "new" live sets by the FleshTones:

1) Live in Philadelphia 28 september 1982 (get here part1 & part2 ). I've found it in flac version and I do prefer to keep it as it is.

2) Live in Mudd Club, New York 26 december 1981 (get here)

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Dave C ha detto...

I listened to the Mudd Club recording. It's not great in terms of overall sound quality, but it's still fun. I saw the group 3 times during 1982-4 era, before and after Hexbreaker. They were fantastic in all occasions. Thanks for the post. I'm ready for more if you've got 'em!

skampus ha detto...

Thank you for your comment, dave.

yes, I have some more. stay tuned!

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